Gentoo: Neue Kernel-Dateinamen für genkernel

Kurz notiert – eben wurde mir der folgende News-Eintrag in die Gentoo-News gespült.

  Title                     Genkernel 4 changed default filenames
  Author                    Thomas Deutschmann <$censored$>
  Posted                    2019-12-30
  Revision                  1

To be consistent with kernel's own naming which allows for easier
matching of kernel/initramfs with kernel files (/lib/modules),
genkernel 4 changed default kernel and initramfs filename:

    kernel-genkernel-%%ARCH%%-%%KV%%      -> vmlinuz-%%KV%%  ->
    initramfs-genkernel-%%ARCH%%-%%KV%%   -> initramfs-%%KV%%.img

Note that in genkernel 4, filenames are fully customizable and that
$ARCH value is now part of $KV value by default.

All bootloaders and utilities like sys-apps/kexec-tools available in
Gentoo repository support the new naming schema.

However, due to lexical ordering, the default boot entry in your boot
manager could still point to last kernel built with genkernel before
that name change, resulting in booting old kernel when not paying
attention on boot.

Berücksicht dies also ggf. bei eurer Bootloader-Konfiguration, sofern ihr genkernel 4.x verwendet.

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